Parker 51 Vacumatic Cap With Gold Split Arrow Clip – Before & After Restoration

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Here’s a quick post to show you what I’m working on currently.  Just a little effort combined with the correct products and tools can go a long way in fountain pen restoration.

Shown below is the cap from a Parker 51 Vacumatic showing how it arrived to me for restoration.  As you can see, it’s a Lustraloy cap with a gold split arrow, blue diamond clip.  I’ll restore the blue diamond later in the restoration.


Here’s what I wanted to show you today.  The magic of Parker 51 Vacumatic cap restoration.  This took me about 15 minutes using a little dab of Simichrome Polish, a few Q-Tips, a micro fiber cloth, and a rouge cloth.  Beautiful!  The gold split arrow blue diamond clip looks as good as new.  I did one like this last week that was probably 10 times worse and I forgot to take the “before” pictures.  Dang!

Stay tuned for more.

~ Glenn Atkins


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