If you want to learn about fountain pen stuff, here’s where you need to hang out.

The Fountain Pen Network – The best forum on the internet by orders of magnitude dealing with fountain pens.

The Pen Practice – More stuff that makes my life easier.  Dr. Laurence Oldfield is a true gentleman and a great inspiration to me.  These guys wrote the book, literally, on fountain pen repair.

Surrenden Pens – David Shepherd has helped me more than he will ever know.  These guys wrote the books (plural), literally, on the history of the iconic Parker brand.

PenTooling – Dale Beebe.  A lot of things that make my life easier.

VintagePens – David Nishimura – Great resource for repair supplies and other stuff.

Parker51 – Ernesto Soler – The best Paker 51 guru bar none.

ParkerCollector – Everything Parker.

FountainPenSacs – Great people, great stuff.

The Goulet Pen Company – If you’re in to new fountain pens (and you should be) in addition to vintage, you could do a lot worse than paying Brian Goulet a visit.  Honest, trust-worthy and customer service beyond compare.

I Sell Pens – Todd Nussbaum – Great to do business with. – John Mottishaw – custom ground nibs from one of the greatest nibmeisters on the planet.  My Pelikan M800 Tortoise Shell Brown with a .7mm stub is fantastic.

MainStreetPens – Ron Zorn.  If you need one of your own pens repaired, send it to Ron.

The Write Pen – Danny Fudge.  Or you can send it to Danny, humble guy, great reputation.

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