About Triumph Vintage Pens

GEA Cropped Head ShotTriumph Vintage Pens was founded in 2014 by Glenn Atkins and is located in the heart of beautiful Northwest Arkansas. I have been interested in pens most of my adult life and created Triumph Vintage Pens based on my passion for the hobby and my ability to do meticulous, detail-oriented, quality work that I could put my name on.

I buy, sell, and restore vintage fountain pens from my own private collection. A select few of these timeless pens will be offered to our valued customers on our store site Triumph Vintage Pens and on EBay under the seller ID triumphvintagepens.

My primary area of interest in vintage fountain pens is focused on Parker. Models of interest include the Vacumatic, the 51 Aerometric, the 51 Vacumatic, and the Duofold.

Our restoration facilities are stocked with the world’s finest specialized tools, parts, and equipment from legendary vendors including Marshall & Oldfield of The Pen Practice in the United Kingdom, Dale Beebe at PENTOOLING, and David Nishimura at Vintage Pens, among others. No endorsement of me by these legends is implied, I just get a lot of my equipment and parts from them. Quite the contrary, I strongly endorse them. They are some of the pioneers in the restoration community and are highly recommended. The quality and service they provide is truly outstanding in every way.

Pen restoration is part art and part science. Our process is very detail-oriented and focused on providing extraordinary quality in our finished product. Those of you who know me know that I’m a perfectionist. Of course this is both a character trait and a character flaw. In pen restoration it’s a trait worthy of refinement and improvement at every step.

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